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CEO Greetings
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“Total cushioning package manufacturer that dominates the future by changing the concept of packaging while aiming for clean nature environment”

As the forefront leader of the cushioning package industry, HanBiron Co„ Ltd. has stayed in pace with the development and changes in the domestic packaging industry by speeding up its business with sponge processing, the mother of all cushioning package.
HanBiron has developed various vinyl bags, vacuum mold products, and has consequently become the leader of the pulp mold industry technology, which is the environment- friendly cushioning package sought by the 21 st century globe. HanBiron will not cease to achieve a clean natural environment, and will keep our gaze towards our goal.
Until the day that packaging exceeds the value of the product, until the day that customer satisfaction becomes unlimited, we will contend squarely with the world.
All staff and employees of HanBiron Co„ Ltd. do not fear failure in becoming a corporation that processes and realizes imaginations and fantasies. If we do not find the desired answer, we will challenge again using another method.

CEO Jong-hui Ahn
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