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Pulp molds are mold products manufactured through the drying process using high temperature pressing method with die assembly by vacuum dehydrating the pulp solution after applying the natural ingredient, pulp, in water to manufacture the mold according to the product's shape.
Pulp Mold Products

Pulp Mold Applications
- ulp molds are suitable as alternatives to small-sized industrial products, electric/electronic products, gift sets, cosmetics, liquor products, food vessels, and previous vacuum mold corrupads.
ex) MP3s, cell phones, normal phones, printers, LCD monitors, cameras, disposable luncheon, etc.
Pulp Mold Features
- Outstanding cushioning.
- Perfect recycling after usage.
- Environment-friendly by using natural pulp.
- Outstanding aesthetics with very soft surface.
- Very outstanding strength compared to thickness.
- Capable of downsizing package with accuracy and elimination of deformity after processing.
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