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Vacuum Molding
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Theseproducts are molded with die assemblies by shape through vacuum process afterapplying heat to the thermo-plasticityplastic sheets.
VacuumMold Product

Vacuum Mold urpose
- Household Appliances (cell phone, phone, radio, hard disc)
- Electronic component tray, food vessel, large-sized vessel (kimchi refrigerator)
- Packaging vessels for industrial roll fixation tray, cushioned vessel, disposable vessel, and toy.
- HHips, PS (foam, flocking), PVC, PP, PET, etc.
Vacuum Mold Features
- Capable of mass production
- Diversified product line with various functional materials
- Capable of molding thin products
- Good decoration protection and finishing processing
- Capable of achieving complete automated packaging line of product for packaging industry
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