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Polyurethanefoam uses Polyol as the main ingredient, and uses catalysts, surfactants, andadditives to compound and agitatein room temperature and result in a chemical reaction from liquid to solid.
PU/PE Product

PU/PE Types
- Non Crosslinked PE, POAM, crosslinked PE FOAM (added chemical drugs)
PE Features
- Features : Outstanding flexibility, cushioning, heat resistance, No absorption, outstanding chemical and weather resistance Outstanding dust and noise resistance, electricity prevention (electricity prevention foam), Soft surface and colorable
- Purpose : Variously used for electronic product tray, cushioning package, automobile internal parts, heat-resistance material for building, construction and industrial activities, and sports items
PU Features
- Features : Features of high strength, heat molding, restorability, sound absorption, electricity prevention, high flexibility, and inflammability according to type.
- Purpose : Used diversely for sound prevention, furniture, bedding, automobile parts, electronic product packaging, construction,miscellaneous goods for preventing static electricity, pillows, etc.
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