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Protective Tape
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Thisrefers to the various tapes for protecting high-end materials and products orsemi-products sensitive against externalshock (scratches, grooves) during the manufacture or transportation process.Various creative products are being producedfor the perfect protection of products.
Protective Tape Product

Protective Tape Purpose
- Protects various Windows, electronic products, Braun tubes and wafers, protects surface of emissions, automobile lamps, components, household switches, aluminum chassis, processing procedures of metal (i.e. cutting), various printing stickers and labels
- Camera BOHO VINYL : Attached on sponge within camera groove to prevent insertion of impurities
- WINDOW INNEr BOHO VINYL : Attached within main windows to prevent insertion of impurities
- MAIN WINDOW BOHO VINYL : Attached after assembly of main windows to prevent insertion of impurities and scratche
Protective Tape Features
- Capable of mass production - Capable of molding thin products - Good decoration protection and finishing processing - Diversification of product through use of various functional materials - Capable of achieving complete automated packaging line of product for packaging industry
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